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Bonded storage of import and export goods and other unfinished customs formalities goods; simple processing and value-added services for stored goods; global procurement and international distribution and distribution; entrepot trade and international transit business; other international logistics business approved by the Customs. At the same time, the company provides quality services to customers in the bonded area, including import bonded enterprises and export early refund policy.
To provide customers with warehouse sorting, packaging, sub-packaging, labeling and vegetable products to the head, leaf, sub-packaging and other non-fine processing services.
The company has built nearly 10000 square meters of refrigerated and frozen warehouses. The warehouse fully realizes the information management, precisely controls the stock, provides the customer 365 days * 24 hours uninterrupted intimate service.
While providing high-quality service for customers, it can also provide domestic trunk transportation and domestic distribution; special refrigerated cards, vehicle transportation and zero-load transportation; and provide one-stop service for import and export companies from arranging shipping companies to terminal customers.
Nantong Tengyu International Logistics Co., Ltd. was registered in the bonded area of Haian Logistics Park in January, 2018, with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. Mainly engaged in various kinds of food and goods import and export business, to undertake the import and export customs declaration of various kinds of goods, Refrigeration, freezing and cargo cold chain transportation and sales. At present, the high end 8000 square meter cold storage (including three -25 depot and three deg. 5 degree cold storage) is used as the largest and most automatic ten thousand ton cold storage in Haian.

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